PMTX2230X NDT Inspection III - UT II

Lead Faculty: Mr. William Hyder

Course Description

Covers ultrasonic shear wave inspection theory and the set-up and calibration for shear wave inspection using a Distance Amplitude Correction (DAC) curve or 80 percent Full Screen Height (FSH) flaw evaluation technique. Students gain practice inspecting a wide range of plate and pipe welds with known discontinuities. Students also learn to identify, evaluate, and categorize discontinuities as to their acceptance or rejection in accordance with various industry codes and standards.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the American Welding Society Structural Welding Code – Steel (AWS D1.1).
  • Use and apply the American Petroleum Institute Welding of Pipelines and Related Facilities Code (API 1104).
  • Describe the theory of ultrasonic shearwave testing and its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Perform the calculations necessary to perform shearwave ultrasonic testing.
  • Perform calibrations in accordance with AWS D1.1 and API 1104.
  • Demonstrate and perform the procedures to conduct ultrasonic shearwave testing.
  • Locate, map out, and evaluate discontinuities in accordance with the applicable code.
  • Document and report test results.