PMTX2180X Rigging Fundamentals

Lead Faculty: Mr. William Hyder

Course Description

Students will be instructed on several aspects of rigging including using tuggers and crane for mechanical advantage IAW API RP 2D standards. They will be able to identify what rigging is appropriate for performing various rigging tasks. Various practical skills of seamanship, line handling and underwater work procedures and planning. Learn the fundamentals of rope; including natural fiber lines, synthetic rope and wire rope. Students will attend the Kirby Morgan (KM) operator and user course to learn how to rebuild several different Kirby Morgan dive hats and know the functions and importance of all working parts. Umbilical rebuilds will also be performed during this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the hazards involved in working around oil rigs, harbors, vessels, contaminated waters, radiation exposures, cold water diving, explosives, sonar transmissions, poison wells, and environmental hazards.
  • Analyze a blueprint, schematic or drawing, and extract information required to plan a dive job.
  • Explain the importance of rigging and the proper use.
  • Explain the hazards involved with rigging.
  • Perform practical rigging technics with the use of tuggers, forklifts, straps, shackles and snatch blocks.
  • Demonstrate the ability to safely control a crane using crane signals.
  • Using prescribed methods, disassemble and rebuild a diving umbilical.
  • Understand and identify all aspects of an umbilical and there function.
  • Disassemble a diving helmet, clean and inspect the components, properly reassemble; and setup and test the regulator.