PMTX2165X Dive Operations II

Lead Faculty: Mr. William Hyder

Course Description

Designed to challenge each student's ingenuity, motivation, and ability to work together. The class must work together as an operational team in a simulated commercial diving evolution utilizing all of the safety, planning, rigging, and other team and industrial skills they have gained in order to accomplish the assigned project tasks.

Learning Outcomes

  • Work effectively as a team in a simulated commercial diving environment
  • Develop a scope of work for a Project.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform as a team member of a dive team, to assemble and complete an oil field pipe assembly project, test the project for integrity, and disassemble the project utilizing proper rigging, diving, and tending skills.
  • Demonstrate employability by proficiency in attendance, effort, attitude, work ethic, and diversity.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in dive station setup, tending, radio diver communications, log and record keeping, surface supply diving, use of lift bags, use of underwater hydraulic tools, hand tools, rigging, trouble shooting and problem solving.
  • Demonstrate the ability to dive and work safely underwater and to complete assigned tasks and to operate hydraulic tools.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform basic seamanship and rigging safely; and the ability to tie knots on the surface and underwater.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate with a diver using proper diving radio phraseology, line pull signals, or hand signals.