PMTX2150X Commercial SCUBA

Lead Faculty: Mr. William Hyder

Course Description

Dive using SCUBA in various configurations, tend, supervise, keep log records of dives, operate radios (through water), and operate decompression chambers. Instruction using SCUBA diving to perform commercial diving work underwater by successfully completing a series of in-water projects.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe commercial diving applications of SCUBA diving and the precautions and limitations of SCUBA in commercial diving applications.
  • List the minimum equipment needed for conducting commercial SCUBA dives.
  • Calculate the duration of SCUBA cylinders and make determinations for size and capacity needed for specific dive profiles.
  • Select the proper no-decompression table for SCUBA operations and calculate repetitive dives.
  • Explain the concepts and applications for Nitrogen-Oxygen (Nitrox) diving and selection of decompression tables.
  • Demonstrate the ability to dive in SCUBA using a full face mask and in-water communications
  • Describe the basic SCUBA emergency procedures: loss of air, buddy breathing, rescues, entanglements, lost diver, and thermal issues.
  • Explain the use of computers in commercial SCUBA diving
  • Explain the various inland diving jobs: inspections, searches, lift bag safety in SCUBA, dams, river current dives, and contaminated diving.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform pre-dive and post-dive maintenance checks; and to properly fill SCUBA and bailout cylinders.
  • Demonstrate the ability to tear down and rebuild a SCUBA regulator and full face mask; and to properly set up and adjust the regulator for diving.