EMTX2182X EMT II Basic

Course Description

Continuation of Emergency Medical Technician skills, including advanced first aid skills: bandaging, splinting, and spinal immobilization techniques, and proper methods of moving and transporting the injured and ill. Trauma and psychiatric emergencies are also covered, as well as all skills required by California Title 22 state and county scope of practice. Students will be tested on assessment of the sick and injured, blood pressures, pulses, respiratory rates, lung sounds, complete body checks, proper bandaging and wound care, splinting, and spinal immobilization techniques. Students will perform ambulance ride along for clinical observations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Perform advanced CPR and obstructed airway maneuvers using basic airway adjuncts on the adult, pediatric and infant.
  • Perform a patient assessment and develop a field treatment plan for trauma patient.
  • Determine the need for and apply proper spinal immobilization, splints, bandages, and hemorrhage control methods.
  • Render assessment and basic care for pediatric, elderly and special needs patients.
  • Describe field triage and the role of the EMT in a Haz-Mat or mass casualty incident.
  • Assist a laboring patient with an emergency delivery including care of the newborn.
  • Demonstrate proficiency at all skills required by California title 22 scope of practice and national registry for Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).