US Constitution and Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA) Test Preparation Courses

Format: Online, Self-paced
Credit: Non-credit

Schedule: Bi-monthly on odd months
Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: See below
Instructors: Credentialed, subject matter experts


Let National University be your guide to success with our comprehensive RICA and U.S. Constitution test preparation courses. These online, instructor-led self paced test prep classes are taught by instructors who will guide you through a comprehensive overview of all the subject matter content you will need to pass these required exams. The U.S. Constitution course has the exam built into the course and students take it at the end of the course. Both courses are taught by credentialed subject-matter experts who are personally committed to your success. For more information, or to enroll, please contact the Division of Extended Learning at 800-NAT-UNIV ext. 8600 or

Class Start Dates:

July 9th
September 4th
October 29th (November term)
January 7th
March 4th
May 6th

EDX 1938X U.S. Constitution Prep Course with Examination
This online, instructor-led self-paced prep class is designed to help students pass the U.S. Constitution exam, a requirement for any California teaching credential. Prior to taking the exam, students will review essential elements of the U.S. Constitution; analyze the meaning, amendments and judicial interpretation; and examine the Bill of Rights. At the end of the course, students will take U.S. Constitution exam.

All course materials are contained within the course including detailed lectures and readings, course assignments, test taking strategies, and additional resource documentation. Students have the flexibility to review the entire course content, or simply the areas that need the most focus.

EDX 1940X RICA Prep Course
Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA) is a practical examination will assess a beginning teacher’s knowledge of assessments, strategies, and activities involved in teaching children to read. It is not just a test of textbook knowledge but requires a practical application of that knowledge. This online, instructor-led self-paced prep class is designed to ensure that prospective teachers have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective reading instruction in the classroom. This is a test preparation class only and is not a substitute for the required reading and reading instruction classes.

The course contains practice tests, detailed lectures, course assignments and test taking strategies. It covers 5 weeks worth of information to review the 5 domains the assessment is divided into. A purchase of a paperback book is required for this course.

Note: (1) To apply please complete the Extended Learning Courses application at This is required for all new Extended Learning students, including current National University students who are enrolled in other programs. Once completed please notify the Extended Learning student coordinators at 858.642.8600 for expedited service. (2) The registration process can take up to 72 hours to complete for this course. If you do not submit your registration at least three business days prior to the course start date, there may be a delay in your registration. (3) Passing the exam is not guaranteed, and the cost of the exam is not included in the course fee. (4) The course fee is non-refundable after the first day of class access and you will receive a grade of "U" unsatisfactory for the credit course, if you do not request a withdraw from Extended Learning in writing. (5) Please note that if you do not log into your CSET Preparation course by the 10th day of the class, you will be automatically dropped from the course.