NBCX1201X National Board Certification Teacher (NBCT) Academy for Graduate Credit

Course Description

The NBCT Academy is designed specifically for credentialed teachers who are seeking National Board Certification. With approval from the course director, NBCX 1201X may be substituted for NBC 680 for pre or active candidates in the Master of Arts in Teaching or the Master of Science in Instructional Leadership degree programs.

When enrolling in the NBCX 1201X, a one month introduction course, teachers are provided with access to NBCX 1801X at no additional charge. NBCX 1801X will be shown on an Extended Learning transcript that is separate from the academic transcript.

NBCX 1201X requires online and/or onsite participation.

Length: Four Weeks
Cost: $795

To register for this class contact Extended Learning at 1-800-NAT-UNIV ext. 8600.