HEDX1101X Health Education for Teachers

Lead Faculty: Dr. Suzanne Evans

Course Description

Transcripted Extended Learning number of HEDX 1201X

As part of a state-wide campaign toward more comprehensive and effective school health programs, the course is designed to enable teacher candidates to integrate health instruction throughout the curriculum and to create school environments which promote healthful living. Provides an integrated curricula approach to health by infusing the components of nutrition, sexually transmitted diseases, and substance abuse (including alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and narcotics) into the general curriculum. Emphasizes promoting an overall healthy lifestyle that encourages life-long practices in students. 4.5 quarter units.

This course may not be used in place of HED 602 in programs under the School of Education at National University.

Course Fee: $795

To register, or for more information, call your advisor at 1-800-NAT-UNIV.

Due to the already discounted fee, the alumni 10% discount does not apply.