POL340 Comparative Politics

Lead Faculty: Dr. Shak Hanish

Course Description

A study of selected foreign states from among industrial, developing, and under developing states, and their development, organization, administration, and politics; introduces students to analytical methods used to compare political systems and governments; explores several issues, including democratization, economic development, political culture and political change.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss and assess the impact of globalization on state sovereignty.
  • Evaluate the relationship between political culture and political institutions in the policies examined.
  • Identify and rank the factors that are conducive to democratization.
  • Evaluate the theory of modernization and its application in third world countries.
  • Critically analyze aspects of dependency theory.
  • Assess the role of women, race and ethnicity in politics.
  • Compare the structural and institutional elements of different political systems.
  • Identify major states in East Asia and compare their political systems.