POL201 American Politics

Lead Faculty: Dr. Shak Hanish

Course Description

A critical introduction to the structure of American government. Topics include classical and modern democratic theories, constitutionalism and federalism; the political process, including the mass media, voting behavior and political parties and interest groups; the institutions of government; the courts, civil liberties and civil rights; and public policy. (Includes study of the Constitution)

Learning Outcomes

  • Critically analyze and discuss the origins and development of the U.S. Constitution, and its role in American politics.
  • Critically analyze and discuss various political events and issues with in the framework of the American political system.
  • Critically analyze and discuss the general features of political behavior within the context of parties, interest groups, the mass media etc.
  • Critically analyze and discuss the role of broad economic and political forces on the operations of the U.S. government.