HIS699 Thesis

Lead Faculty: Dr. Alexander Zukas

Course Description

Two-month long course. Required of all thesis history M.A. students as last course in program. Culminates in the research and writing of a substantial, original work on a historical topic of personal interest involving the critical examination and evaluation of primary sources as well as appropriate secondary materials and interpretations. At the end of the course, the student is issued an IP (In Progress) grade until a completed thesis is evaluated by the course instructor and the faculty advisor. Grading is H, S, or U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Conduct extensive historical research at a professional level.
  • Situate their M.A. research project within the relevant literature.
  • Formulate the original contribution their project will make to historical studies.
  • Complete the written Master's thesis successfully.
  • Adhere to submission guidelines for presentations at scholarly conferences and publication in scholarly and professional print journals and e-journals.