HIS698 Media/Technology Project

Lead Faculty: Dr. Alexander Zukas

Course Description

Two-month-long course. Required of all non-thesis history M.A. students as their last course. Culminates in the creation of a substantial, original multimedia website on a historical topic of personal interest involving the critical evaluation of primary sources and relevant secondary materials and interpretations and the writing of a well-developed commentary. Grading is on a H, S, or U basis only. Course if IP grade eligible.

Learning Outcomes

  • Situate their M.A. research project within the relevant literature on history and on media/website presentations.
  • Formulate the original contribution their project will make to historical studies and media/website presentations of historical research such as digital storytelling.
  • Complete the media/website presentation of their research findings successfully.
  • Adhere to submission guidelines for presentations at professional historical and media conferences and for publication in scholarly and professional print journals, e-journals, and websites.