HIS688 Seminar in Latin America

Lead Faculty: Dr. Alexander Zukas

Course Description

Focused examination of primary and secondary sources as well as advanced research in the current scholarly literature on Latin American history since ca. 1500. Areas may include, but are not limited to, political, economic, intellectual, cultural, social, environmental and diplomatic history.

Learning Outcomes

  • Organize the major historical themes and issues in Latin American history as presented and debated in the scholarly literature.
  • Analyze the specific characteristics of, and similarities and differences between, works of major historians of Latin America.
  • Evaluate the theoretical and empirical approaches these historians take to the study of Latin American history.
  • Research the scholarly discussion of a topic in Latin American history.
  • Compose a professional commentary that integrates this research into a position paper that assesses that scholarly discussion and presents the student's own critical approach to the topic.
  • Produce a book review of publishable quality on a recent historical monograph in modern Latin American history.