HIS649A Seminar in a Period/Movement I

Lead Faculty: Dr. Alexander Zukas

Course Description

Advanced research in the current scholarly literature on a period or movement in history. Variable topic chosen by the instructor. Possible topics: Renaissance, antebellum U.S., Age of Empires, Nazi Germany, civil rights, labor, environmental or national liberation movements. (May not duplicate content of HIS 645A, HIS 645B or HIS 649B).

Learning Outcomes

  • Organize major historical themes and issues in Ancient Greek history as presented and debated in the scholarly literature.
  • Evaluate the theoretical and empirical approaches that leading historians bring to the study of ancient Greek history.
  • Lead a college seminar discussion on a topic or issue of Ancient Greek history.
  • Research the scholarly discussion of a topic in Ancient Greek history.
  • Write an analysis of five book reviews on that topic.
  • Write an evaluation of primary sources related to that topic.
  • Compose a review essay on that topic.