HIS645B Special Topics in History II

Lead Faculty: Dr. Alexander Zukas

Course Description

Advanced research in the current scholarly literature on a special topic in history. Variable topic chosen by the instructor. Possible topics include the history of work, imperialism, migration, gender, war, technology, family, or religion. (May not duplicate content of HIS 645A, HIS 649A or HIS 649B).

Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish the major historical themes and issues with regard to the special topic as presented and debated in the scholarly literature.
  • Analyze the specific characteristics of, and similarities and differences between, works of major historians who research and write on the special topic.
  • Differentiate the theoretical and empirical approaches these historians employ.
  • Evaluate the theoretical and empirical approaches these historians take.
  • Conduct specialized research on the course's topic.
  • Compose a professional exposition of that research that incorporates the student's own critical approach to the topic.