HIS400 Historical Theories andamp; Methods

Lead Faculty: Dr. Daniel R. Thorburn

Course Description

Investigates the important methodologies and theories of history that buttress contemporary historical scholarship. Includes introduction to historiography; examines transformation of the historical profession over last 150 years and philosophical foundations of historical practice today; explores writings of historian, their historical assumptions, and theoretical framework of their interpretations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the major interpretive frameworks that guide modern historical writing.
  • Identify the key elements of major contemporary theories of history.
  • Evaluate the similarities and differences between these theories of history.
  • Identify the central issues and problems that a particular historical theory addresses.
  • Use appropriate analytical language in discussing historical interpretations.
  • Explain the relationship between fact and interpretation in historical narratives.
  • Analyze the point of view and assumptions embedded in four theories of history.
  • Embark on an informed construction of their personal philosophy of history.