HIS361 Making and Sundering of Union

Lead Faculty: Dr. Daniel R. Thorburn

Course Description

Examines development of American society from the early national period through the Civil War (1783- 1865), including framing of Constitution, westward expansion, economic development, slavery, sectional conflict, as well as an evaluation of the social, political, and military problems faced by the contending sides in the Civil War.

Learning Outcomes

  • Assess the problems and goals of the Constitution-making process.
  • Comprehend the forces driving and shaping the expansion of the United States during this period.
  • Explain the sources of socio-political tension and conflict in American society.
  • Chart the attempts to reform American society as well as to build distinctive societies within and separate from the larger society and polity.
  • Specify the key issues and problems contributing to political disunion and civil war.