HIS320 Culture of Global Capitalism

Lead Faculty: Dr. Daniel R. Thorburn

Course Description

Places contemporary cultural, economic and technological issues in a global and historical perspective. Examines the ways that capitalism, culture, and technology have interacted over the past 500 years to shape the places, peoples and societies that have come into existence in the modern world.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the role of capitalism and European overseas expansion in creating a global economic system in a written exam.
  • Specify the ecological changes which have occurred in specific parts of the world since the industrial revolution on the final exam.
  • Analyze the effects of nationalism on cultural identities and international securities in a research paper.
  • Assess the interaction between cultural technological practices as well as the role of culture in the development and/or reception of new technologies in class discussion.
  • Clarify the impact of differing economic systems on social stratification, access to resources, distribution of political power, working life, and gender relations in a term paper.
  • Retrace the historical roots of the economic, ecological cultural, technological, and racial issues we face today in the world in a course journal.