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Dr. Paul Jenkins is a licensed, clinical psychologist who lives and works the Sacramento area. He has worked in the field of mental health for 30 years, starting in San Francisco as a counselor in a state inmate mother-infant program. He has provided clinical services in a variety of settings over the years, including an adolescent inpatient facility, a community counseling center, an adolescent services agency, a foster care agency, a non-public special education school, and most recently in a juvenile delinquency group home. He has provided clinical supervision for dozens of interns, specializes in conducting clinical assessments in a forensic setting, and was the clinical director at an innovative group home program. For a few years, he maintained a small private practice, where he specialized in adolescent, family, and substance abuse counseling. He is trained and experienced in a variety of therapeutic techniques, including Gestalt, psychodynamic, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Dr. Jenkins started teaching in 1998 at the Union Institute and has been with National University since 2005. As Regional Lead of the MAC program in Rancho Cordova, Dr. Jenkins focuses on providing an academically rigorous and personally engaging learning experience for our students.

In regard to research interests, Dr. Jenkins is interested in the areas of integrated psychotherapy and psychological theory, forensic assessment, and attachment theory.


Patient Health Technology Acceptance Model: A Proposed Model - (reviewed conference publication) The First Taiwan Summer Workshop on Information Management (July, 2013)

Sacramento Assessment Center: A Comprehensive Multi-Perspective Model for Effective Assessment of Juvenile Offenders – published in Psychology (Summer, 2013)

Millon Adolescent Substance-Abuse Proneness Scale: Identifying Clients in a Forensic Setting – published in the Journal of Law and Social Sciences (Vol. 1 No. 1 2012)


An Introduction to the DSM 5 – presented at National University – June 5, 2015 – CE eligible

The Archetype of the Vampire: The Psychological Evolution of a Monster – presented at the Jungian Roundtable - November 24, 2014

An Introduction to the DSM 5 – presented at the Hope Counseling Center – November 16, 2014 – CE eligible

Complex Trauma and Special Education – presented at the Twin Rivers School District – March 31, 2014

Assessing Substance Abuse in Adjudicated Youth: A Strength’s Based Approach – presented at the annual convention of the Western Psychological Association – April 25, 2013

Complex Trauma and Gestalt Couples Therapy – presented at the Evolution of Gestalt Series No 5: Working With Couples – March 11, 2013

The Assessment and Treatment of Adjudicated Youth: A Strengths Based Approach – presented at the annual convention of the Western Psychological Association – April 29, 2012

The Mytho-Culture of Violence and Aggression – presented at the Institute for Cultural Change’s Aesthetic Nature of Change International Conference – May 23, 2010