Dr. Chelsea Wooding

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Dr. Chelsea Wooding is an associate faculty member in the BA in Sport Psychology program and MA in Performance Psychology program at National University. Born and raised in Southern California, Dr. Wooding’s family inspired her to dabble in many sports, developing her appreciation and adoration for athletics. She started dancing at age 5 and, throughout high school, was invited to perform and compete internationally. A few serious injuries brought her dance career to an end after high school, but her passion continued through teaching dance while in college. During the last semester of her bachelor’s degree in psychology at California State University, Long Beach, Dr. Wooding learned about sport psychology and was thrilled to learn that she could combine her love for sports with her passion for helping others. She received her PhD in Sport and Exercise Psychology from West Virginia University; her MA in Counseling from West Virginia University; her MS in Kinesiology from California State University, Fullerton; and her BA in Psychology from California State University, Long Beach.

Chelsea Wooding

Dr. Wooding’s research interests include nontraditional applications of sport and performance psychology, including high-risk environments (e.g., skydiving, first responders, etc.) and sport psychology in the performing arts. Secondarily, she is also interested in professional issues relating to sport and performance psychology (e.g., professional development and graduate student training).

Passionate about the applied side of our field, Dr. Wooding is a CC-AASP, and has worked in a variety of settings as a consultant, including NCAA Division I women’s volleyball, Division I women’s tennis, Division III softball, and high school boy’s volleyball. She has also consulted in nontraditional settings, including presenting to nursing students, musicians, dancers, and ultra-runners.

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