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Charles Tatum

Dr. Charles Tatum received his Ph.D. as a research psychologist in 1973 from the University of New Mexico. After receiving his degree, he took a position at Cornell College and spent 12 years as an assistant and associate professor. He served as Chair of the Department of Psychology at Cornell for seven years. In 1985, Dr. Tatum moved to San Diego and spent 14 years with the Navy Personnel Research and Development Center and the Naval Health Research Center. During his career as a researcher for the Navy he studied performance measurement, work productivity, human-computer interface design, and health psychology. In addition to his scientific interest in these areas, Dr. Tatum has consulted with public and private organizations to develop programs for measuring and improving productivity, work motivation, education, and training (clients include the Navy; DoD; Howard County, Maryland; McDonnell-Douglas Corp., San Diego Community College District, San Diego City College, and Booze-Allen-Hamilton). In 1999, Dr. Tatum joined the faculty of the Department of Psychology at National University. He served as the Chair of the Department for six years. Currently, his duties included administering the MA in Human Behavior, teaching classes in human behavior, and conducting research in organizational psychology, adult education, and accelerated learning.

Courses Taught:

HUB601A: Organizational Behavior
HUB642: Theories of Behavior Change
HUB650: Foundations of Behavioral Research
HUB660: Assessment in Organizations
HUB670: Research Applications
HUB680: Integrative Project in Human Behavior

Selected Publications:

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