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Dr. Betsi Little joins National University as an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology. She received a B.A. in Psychology and Criminal Justice at Indiana University - Bloomington, as well as an M.A. in General Psychology and a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology at the University of North Dakota. Her research focuses on the perceptions of and by marginalized populations. In her most recent publication, she examined the perceptions of lesbian victims of domestic violence. She continues this work examining other permutations of gender-identification and pairing in regards to intimate partner violence. Her dissertation research explored the impact of optimism on coping strategies of those who have been discriminated against. Other research areas include the cognitive illusion of control and risk taking behaviors of young adults on the internet, jury decision making, and is currently working on an exploration of resiliency in its role in educational success.

Betsi's teaching interests include Social Psychology, Research Design and Statistics, Forensic Psychology, and her personal favorite, Intro Psych. Prior to joining National University, Dr. Little launched a undergraduate Psychology program at a small liberal-arts college located north of Seattle, WA. During her time as Department Chair, her program grew to be the second largest major at the college, notable by the 46% rate of her graduates going on to graduate school. As a scholar Dr. Little continued to publish and present at scholarly conferences often encouraging her students to present their research alongside her. As a colleague she was a leader answering a variety of challenges and inspiring others to serve including answering the call to be Dean of Students, serving on numerous committees (including the President’s Advisory Council, and Academic Committee), volunteering her time as advisor for student clubs including the Diversity Center and Achiever’s Hometown Mentorship, and helping the college navigate (and survive) financial crises. But her biggest impact was the pride she took in her craft as a teacher-scholar. Dr. Little injected students with a passion for academic excellence both in and out of the classroom (and often in other countries such as India and England) through a variety of general education courses including Math (statistics), Science (physiology), Social Sciences (introduction to Psychology) while also teaching a host of courses in her department. Outside the classroom Dr. Little regularly volunteered her time to mentor at-risk high school students and offer her expertise to non-profit agencies. Students recognized her excellence with an unprecedented two teaching awards in nine years. She regularly retooled courses to stay current with changes in the field, relentlessly advocated for students, and worked tirelessly to help students succeed and realize their vocations. She is very excited to share the knowledge she gained with these experiences at National.

Selected Publications:

Little, B. & Terrance, C.A. (2010). Perceptions of Domestic Violence in Lesbian Relationships: Stereotypes and Gender Role Expectations. Journal of Homosexuality.

Terrance, C.A., Plumm, K.M. & Little, B. (2008). Maternal blame: Battered women and abused children. Violence Against Women.