PSY628 Group Therapy

Lead Faculty: Dr. Brian P. Tilley

Course Description

A comprehensive study of the major approaches, techniques and interventions used in group psychotherapy. Also emphasizes dynamics of group process including the types, stages and formation of groups.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze orally and in writing the major theoretical frameworks for group process and therapeutic change with diverse client populations within contemporary mental health.
  • Apply methods of group intervention that uphold professional standards of ethics, values, and laws related to mental health practice.
  • Design a group psycho-educational experience appropriate to diverse client populations.
  • Demonstrate entry-level mastery of core facilitation skills for effective group process.
  • Match client profile and need with different group approaches including (but not limited to) interpersonal, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, psycho-educational, structured skills development, and support group process.
  • Demonstrate capacities for self-reflection, openness to feedback, psychological mindedness, and personal growth and development necessary for safe and effective group practice.