PSY627 Legal & Ethical Issues

Lead Faculty: Dr. Brian P. Tilley

Course Description

This course examines the laws and professional codes of ethics pertaining to the practice of counseling and psychotherapy. How legal and ethical issues impact the profession of counseling with an emphasis on current California law is discussed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the laws, ethical codes, and values in the counseling profession.
  • Identify and integrate relevant legal and ethical responsibilities within the practice of psychotherapy.
  • Demonstrate the ability to assess a clien's danger to self and/or others and to implement legal and ethical interventions based on that assessment.
  • Integrate the understanding of the issues of confidentiality, unprofessional conduct, and managing ethical boundaries into counseling practice.
  • Demonstrate the ability to write and file mandated reports.
  • Incorporate ethical considerations regarding multicultural and diversity issues into mental health practice.