PSY620 Perspectives on Psychology

Lead Faculty: Dr. Brian P. Tilley

Course Description

An examination of professional issues in counseling psychology, including concepts of psychological health and disorder, critical thinking, evidence-based treatment, best practices, systems of care, the role of research and how to access/utilize it, and various models of diagnosis and treatment, including the medical model, recovery model, and the multicultural model. An emphasis is placed on exploring the current status of these issues and how they are impacting the practice of psychotherapy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply critical thinking skills to analysis of contemporary issues in psychotherapy
  • Evaluate theories of psychological health and disorder, differentiating the medical model from other theories
  • Demonstrate an ability to access and utilize information useful to psychotherapists, especially empirically-based research
  • Describe major features of contemporary systems of care in the mental health field
  • Analyze the validity and utility of the recovery/resiliency model of treatment as it relates to other models of mental health assessment and treatment.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of various treatments for mental disorders, using readings and discussion regarding evidence-based treatment and best practices as a foundation.