PSY613 Performance Consulting Skills

Lead Faculty: Dr. Douglas Barba

Course Description

Students will integrate their theoretical approach to consultation, knowledge of intervention strategies, and personal philosophy of performance enhancement in order to design and present appropriate performance psychology programs. Opportunities to develop both individual and group interventions for diverse populations are provided. An emphasis is placed on the students' professional development, experience as consultants, learners, and peer mentors, as well as the necessity of reflective practice. This is a 2-month course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Design interventions for a variety of populations based on the science-practitioner model of service delivery
  • Integrate theoretical orientation, personal value systems, and current research into an effective personal consulting style
  • Create mental training tools (e.g., goal setting logs, imagery scripts, affirmation statements, energy management protocols) for use with individuals and groups
  • Design effective individualized interventions
  • Examine potential ethical challenges in the course of service delivery
  • Evaluate personal consulting experiences (e.g., successes, challenges, feedback, ethical issues, effectiveness) via reflective practice