PSY612A Clinical Assessment I

Lead Faculty: Dr. Brian P. Tilley

Course Description

This course discusses clinical assessment from the bio-psycho-social-spiritual, resiliency, recovery and medical models. Interviewing skills and the use of assessment instruments are covered. Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment approaches for anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive and related disorders.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of how the DSM is organized and used.
  • Assess clients from the DSM, resilience, recovery, and other assessment models.
  • Conduct a biopsychosocial intake assessment in a role-play client session.
  • Assess crisis situations in a role-play client session.
  • Develop a DSM diagnosis from case vignettes and client role-play sessions.
  • Integrate appropriate psychological tests commonly used by Master's level therapists into the assessment of a role-play client.
  • Diagnose clients using the DSM criteria for Adjustment Disorders, Anxiety and OCD Disorders, and the 'V-codes.'