PSY607 Ethics in Performance Psy

Lead Faculty: Dr. Douglas Barba

Course Description

This course examines the professional laws and ethics pertaining to the practice of counseling and psychotherapy, with an emphasis on the laws and ethics pertaining to therapy and consulting with individuals and groups in a wide variety of settings. The content of various relevant legal and ethical codes will be reviewed, and the similarities and differences in ethical practice between the contexts of psychotherapy and performance psychology consulting will be explored in depth.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate understanding of the extensive amount of overlap between psychotherapy and applied performance psychology consulting.
  • Identify relevant ethical responsibilities within the practices of psychotherapy and performance psychology consulting.
  • Apply appropriate models of ethical decision-making to performance psychology cases.
  • Analyze critical ethical issues in counseling, psychotherapy, and performance psychology.
  • Apply appropriate ethical standards involved in developing and rendering therapeutic interventions within individual and group counseling and performance psychology consulting.
  • Effectively manage issues of transference and countertransference within the therapeutic and consulting process psychology consulting.
  • Critique similarities and differences among APA, ACA and AASP ethical codes.
  • Apply the ethical obligations and knowledge base relevant to future roles as teachers, researchers, and performance psychology consultants.