PSY604 Performance Psy Corporate Pops

Lead Faculty: Dr. Douglas Barba

Course Description

This course examines how the principles of performance psychology can be applied to corporate settings. Themes include proper employee selection, training and development, guided change, leadership, morale, organizational behavior, and work/family issues.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate unique dimensions of the performance environments of corporate leaders, elite athletes, and elite soldiers.
  • Analyze leadership in terms of a developmental progression from leading self to leading others to leading organizations.
  • Select appropriate performance psychology concepts based upon critical analysis for use in the employee selection process.
  • Develop appropriate performance psychology applications to enhance employee motivation, satisfaction, and wellness.
  • Justify the inclusion of coaching and performance enhancement concepts to organizational behavior and performance.
  • Analyze the concepts of organizational development and planned intervention.
  • Synthesize organizational and performance psychology concepts in the workplace.
  • Create a plan for the successful integration of performance psychology concepts with work and family balance.