PSY603 Performance Psy Alt Population

Lead Faculty: Dr. Douglas Barba

Course Description

This course is designed to provide a knowledge base for applying principles of performance excellence in performance areas other than traditional athletics. Topics include foundational skills for performance consulting, required domain specific knowledge, understanding the specific performance context, and how these factors impact effective strategies for working within those systems

Learning Outcomes

  • Differentiate performance psychology from both traditional therapy/counseling and sport psychology
  • Apply Terenzini's 3-tier model of consulting to a variety of performance psychology settings.
  • Compare and contrast the unique aspects of 3 categories of performance domains: business, high-risk professions, and the performing arts, including attitudes toward consultants and coaching, special knowledge and skills required, and special challenges for each performance area.
  • Analyze ways in which traditional sport psychology techniques may be adapted to alternate performance domains.
  • Develop a framework for understanding the unique aspects of any performance context that can facilitate effective consulting within that context.
  • Critically examine one's readiness to engage in performance consulting, including potential challenges and solutions to ensure ethical practice.