PSY454 Psychology of Religion

Lead Faculty: Dr. Nicole Polen-Petit

Course Description

The relationship between psychology, spirituality, and religion. Exploring the nature of religious experience, how religion and spirituality influence social and societal behaviors, and how religion and spirituality affects psychological and physical health will be examined.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare and contrast the definition and meaning of religion and spirituality
  • Illustrate the relationship between religion and spirituality
  • Evaluate the way in which psychology, religion, and spirituality are related to one another
  • Compare and contrast different religions
  • Evaluate the influences of religion and spirituality on human thought and behavior
  • Differentiate the various approaches to spiritual development
  • Demonstrate the way in which an individual's physical health is related to one's spiritual health
  • Demonstrate the way in which religion and spirituality are related to death, dying, and bereavement