PSY441 Global Psychology

Lead Faculty: Dr. Nicole Polen-Petit

Course Description

Covers the history, current status and future direction of cultural psychology theory and practice in the context of globalization. A critique of the Western bias of the field of psychology and of the effects of its application to non-European originated populations within the United States and around the world.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe history, explain current research foci and discuss future developments of cultural psychology as a new discipline
  • Evaluate critically and defend one's own position the appropriateness and consequences of generalizing to all cultures mainstream psychological thought, research and practice to global populations.
  • Cite and evaluate key research that demonstrates differences and similarities in cognitive-affective diversity in the structure of identity and human relationships across diverse cultures
  • Link global events and phenomena to psycho-social and socio-cultural realities of diverse populations.
  • Critically reflect upon the relationship between their own received psychology and psychological frames from other cultural groups
  • Effectively use Internet and library resources to gather reliable information on how psychology is being applied in policy-making internationally.