PSY437 Theories of Psychotherapy

Lead Faculty: Dr. Nicole Polen-Petit

Course Description

A presentation of clinical theories of treatment that correspond to theories of psychopathology, personality and development already encountered in courses under such titles. Topics include specific treatment approaches, the nature of the therapeutic relationship and how it effects change and therapeutic interventions

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify those qualities considered important to the 'helper' role in the therapeutic relationship.
  • Identify the ethical issues related to the practice of psychotherapy.
  • Describe the assumptions originating from ten different theories of psychotherapy regarding the development of personality, major concepts related to the dynamics of personality, definitions of psychotherapy, goals of psychotherapy, and what makes change possible for clients in psychotherapy.
  • Identify the techniques or treatment approaches for each theory of psychotherapy presented in this course.
  • Present and critique a journal article related to the application of a particular theory of psychotherapy to human problems in terms of benefits and limitations.
  • Apply the assumptions from a particular theory of psychotherapy to either a case example or personal history and problem area and identify the therapeutic techniques which might be used to help a client or yourself explore/respond differently to this problem area.