PSY100 Introduction to Psychology

Lead Faculty: Dr. Nicole Polen-Petit

Course Description

A survey of the field of psychology that provides an overview of the scientific principles and theories in psychology. Topics include: biological psychology, abnormal behavior, motivation, emotion, sexuality and gender, and personality theory.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the scientific method as it applies to psychology.
  • Define major processes of cognition and social cognition.
  • List the major structures of the brain and endocrine system and describe their major functions.
  • Explain the different states of consciousness and altered states of consciousness.
  • List the major stages of development throughout the lifespan.
  • Describe the psychological issues related to gender and sexuality.
  • Describe the major theories of personality.
  • Describe the major theories of emotion and motivation.
  • Define the major psychological disorders and describe how they are identified.