PGM610 Turfscience and Sustainability

Course Description

This course explores advances in systems to manage a 'green' facility and the importance of sustainability in the profitability of a public, private, resort, or municipal facility. Students will critique complex decisions related to the proper maintenance of the golf facility and evaluate issues of zoning and community relations in the development and successful operation of a facility.

Learning Outcomes

  • Defend the concepts of sustainability and the economic and ecological challenges of current practices in facility management.
  • Defend empirically-based theories of environmentally friendly pest management and chemical pesticide use to facility management.
  • 3. Defend current research on plant stress management, compost production and use, fertility management, and natural disease suppressants.
  • Evaluate the complex role of land development in the sustainability and profitability of a facility.
  • Utilizing case studies, construct a project that evaluates the larger ecological impact of current pesticides and practices and the benefits of ecologically sensitive practices.