PGM483 Coaching, Instruction, and Pla

Lead Faculty: Dr. Michael Mcanear

Course Description

This class will survey the major concepts on coaching, instruction, and player development. Topics will range from exploring the philosophy of teaching, on course management, how fitness relates to the golf performance, applied sport psychology, and the use of technology to improve teaching and performance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply basic concepts of coaching, such as motivation, planning, player development, and burnout.
  • Discuss special populations, diversity, and the need for sensitivity and training when working with clients from diverse backgrounds and physical capabilities.
  • Apply ethical standards to the practices of coaching and player development. Discuss the different types of the golf swing and which type of swing will benefit individual students.
  • Analyze various philosophies to coaching and discuss appropriate and diverse learning styles.
  • Design and develop a coaching or player development program.
  • Evaluate a coaching philosophy, system, or player development program.
  • Articulate a philosophy and approach to teaching.