PGM220 Adv Sem. Instr. Player Develop

Lead Faculty: Dr. Michael Mcanear

Course Description

An advanced seminar into the instruction and development of intermediate and advanced players. Player development theory: the application of player development principles in teaching, and the mental aspects of the game of golf will be discussed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the eight crucial personality traits that distinguish true champion golfers.
  • Explore the crucial elements of their own personality using personality inventories and psychological principles.
  • Analyze, record, and compare their own personality traits and measure them against the traits of champion golfers.
  • Discuss the purpose and importance of focus and concentration to success on the golf course.
  • Explain what is meant by the term "abstract thinking" and how that relates to overcoming obstacles encountered in a round of golf.
  • Explain the meaning of "emotional stability" and "tough mindedness" and how these traits help champion golfers succeed.
  • Explain the meaning of "dominance and competitiveness" as it relates to a theory of competitive mindset.
  • Apply the mental traits of "tough mindedness," "self-assurance" and "self-sufficiency" to their own golf game.
  • Analyze what is meant by the terms "optimum arousal" and "managed tension" as personality components of the competitive golfer.