PGM210 Modern Swing Concepts

Course Description

Survey on major concepts of the golf swing. Topics will range from exploring the philosophy of teaching, on course management, how fitness relates to the golf swing, and the use of technology to improve teaching.

Learning Outcomes

  • Articulate a philosophy and approach to teaching.
  • Discuss the different types of the golf swing and which type of swing will benefit individual students.
  • Apply swing concepts to a variety of situations.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of course management and playing lessons.
  • Describe and explain the importance of physiology and physics in the modern golf swing.
  • Discuss the differences in traditional golf swing theory from the most recently proposed swing theories such as 'stack and tilt' swing theory.
  • Analyze and record the differences in traditional and modern swing theories to case studies of golfers from all levels of ability.
  • Explain what is meant by the terms 'one plane' and 'two plane' swing in the context of modern golf swing theory and instruction.
  • Explain the meaning of term 'stack and tilt' and provide examples of this teaching method as it relates to the 'fundamentals' of the golf swing.
  • Evaluate skills and actions of typical students based on case studies and suggest a course of action.
  • Apply and demonstrate techniques to improve student performance.
  • Use enhanced video technology to analyze a golf swing.