PGM104 Tournament Operations

Lead Faculty: Dr. Michael Mcanear

Course Description

An exploration into the operational development of tournaments and the rules of golf, planning and operations of tournaments, including budget, purpose, staff, facility, function, format, players, tickets, marketing, golf course preparation, prizes, media coverage, evaluation, and other logistical concerns. The history of the rules of golf and their application in tournaments and regulation play will be introduced and applied.

Learning Outcomes

  • Plan the format, size and eligibility requirements given the purpose of a golf tournament
  • Coordinate approval and support for a tournament plan.
  • Organize and train a tournament staff.
  • Develop a tournament plan.
  • Discuss how to prepare a golf course for tournament play.
  • Evaluate successes and failures to improve future tournaments.
  • Create a tournament checklist that includes all elements required from a tournament's early-planning to concluding assessment.
  • Discuss the history of the rules of golf and the process by which rules are made and changed.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the USGA's The Rules of Golf and the Definitions and Appendices in the USGA's The Rules of Golf.
  • Apply the Rules of Golf to a tournament situation.
  • Determine the best approach to take in using the rule book to render a ruling.
  • Work collaboratively with rules committees and committees in charge of competitions