PGM101 Philosophy of Coaching

Lead Faculty: Dr. Michael Mcanear

Course Description

A survey of basic coaching philosophies in sports. The concepts of motivation, planning, player development, and training will be explored. Historical examples will be used to highlight the importance and development of coaching techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe and explain basic concepts of coaching, such as motivation, planning, player development, and burnout.
  • Discuss the importance of player development programs and their relationship to other sporting operations.
  • Analyze and identify the steps in developing and implementing a successful player development plan and coaching relationship.
  • Discuss special populations, diversity, and the need for sensitivity and training when working with clients from diverse backgrounds and physical capabilities.
  • Apply ethical standards to the practices of coaching and player development.
  • Analyze various philosophies to coaching and discuss appropriate and diverse learning styles.
  • Design and develop a coaching or player development program.
  • Evaluate a coaching philosophy, system, or player development program.