BER600 Intro to Bereavement Studies

Lead Faculty: Dr. Allyson Washburn

Course Description

Provides an introduction to basic bereavement concepts and theories. This introductory course is the prerequisite for the certificate program. Topics examined include the history of bereavement, normal bereavement responses, disenfranchised losses, and major bereavement theories. Personal experiences with loss will be explored.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define bereavement, mourning, and grief.
  • Describe the historical progression of death and bereavement in American culture.
  • Describe the progression of death education in America.
  • Describe the ways in which death affects our perceptions of life.
  • Describe normal and uncomplicated physical, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and spiritual bereavement responses.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the societal implications of disenfranchised losses, including perinatal loss, divorce, retirement, suicide, AIDS, drugs and alcohol related death, adult sibling loss, pet loss, loss of friends and co-workers, loss of homosexual/bisexual partners, and non-death losses such as dementia, comas, and Alzheimer's.
  • Compare and contrast major bereavement process theories including stage, phase, and task models.
  • Identify his or her personal experiences with death, loss, and bereavement.