HUB646 Personal and Pro. Ethics

Lead Faculty: Dr. Charles Tatum

Course Description

A study of normative judgments as applied to contemporary human problems such as the uses of power, business practices and the right to live and to die. Examines varied ethical systems using a case study format

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine ethics and ethical dilemmas drawn from disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, religious studies, political philosophy and literature and to apply principles identified to both personal and professional contexts.
  • Explore the origins, development and functions of ethical and moral standards in personal and professional life.
  • Compose essays on selected topics in personal ethics drawn from a variety of disciplines
  • Discuss professional ethical standards from the perspectives of functionalism, self-interest, legal liability, public image and concerns for the well-being of individuals and society.
  • Analyze and evaluate cases pertaining to ethical behavior in organizations.
  • Discuss the ethical and moral responsibilities, limitations, trends and issues faced by professionals.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of rules regarding confidentiality, due process, and privacy.