HUB639 Issues in Sexuality

Lead Faculty: Dr. Charles Tatum

Course Description

An examination of the personal, interpersonal and social dimensions of human sexuality. Covers topics such as anatomy and physiology of human sexuality, contemporary American sexual behavior, sexual myths, sex-role socialization, sexual dysfunctions and sexual-social issues.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare and contrast strengths and weaknesses of sexuality research methodologies
  • Describe normative and atypical sexual development and behavior across the life cycle.
  • Articulate their own and others' views on a range of controversial sociosexual issues, using empirically-based arguments.
  • Describe and recognize symptoms of common sexually transmitted infections and sexual dysfunctions. Outline risk reduction and treatment modalities.
  • Describe relevant influences on their own sexual scripts, decision making, and behavior (e.g., personality traits, family history, peer relationships, couple relationships, religion, culture, media), and state their own values.
  • Know how to access resources for comprehensive, objective information and professional help when faced with problems involving sexuality.