HUB601D Creative Leadership

Lead Faculty: Dr. Charles Tatum

Course Description

A study of the qualities of leadership required today and in the future. Emphasizes historical as well as contemporary leaders

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate capacity to describe clearly in formal academic writing and informally, the core concepts of creative leadership in individuals.
  • Differentiate the main challenges for leadership at team, organization and societal levels.
  • Demonstrate through written reports the capacity to apply core concepts of creative leadership to specific cases presented in class.
  • Conduct self-assessment of strengths and weaknesses of your own personal leadership style and discuss it with reference to one existing theory of creative leadership.
  • Through analysis of case material and simulation be able to identify strengths and liabilities of different leadership profiles.
  • Compare and contrast selected examples of leadership and apply this to a specific leadership challenge either personal, current affairs or from history.