HUB410 Psychology for Managers

Lead Faculty: Dr. Maureen O'Hara

Course Description

A survey of psychological concepts applied to organizational settings. Emphasizes motivation, communication, leadership, and personal development.

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to discuss psychological factors unique to organizations.
  • Ability to identify psychological factors unique to individuals working in organizations.
  • Ability to discuss topics such as selection, performance appraisal and training.
  • Ability to discuss topics such as team building, task groups, and leadership.
  • Ability to identify some of the psychological perspectives essential to the role of the manager (e.g., influence, authority, etc.).
  • Major Content Areas.
  • Decision, Planning and Monitoring Systems.
  • Organizing tasks, People & Culture.
  • Leading and Empowering People.
  • Conflict resolution, Working Conditions and Job Satisfaction.
  • Group dynamics and Personality types.
  • Organizational Change and Renewal.