AGE610 Wellness/Engagement in Aging

Lead Faculty: Dr. Allyson Washburn

Course Description

Wellness and Engagement in Older Adults examines the coping, expressive, contributive, and influence needs of older adults. Topics include holistic geriatric care, reminiscence and autobiography, wisdom and creativity, lifelong learning, spirituality and contemplative practice, and social and civic engagement.

Learning Outcomes

  • Incorporate current theory and relevant research findings in addressing specific topics in wellness and engagement in older adulthood, including the Third Age (PLO 2, 7)
  • Compare and contrast existing 'mend and manage' approaches to meeting the needs of aging populations and individuals with transformative 'heal and grow' approaches that engage older adults themselves (PLO 2, 4)
  • Design a strengths-based plan for promoting wellness in older adults that specifically addresses coping and expressive needs (PLO 2, 3)
  • Develop strategies for increasing opportunities for older adults to contribute in meaningful ways to their communities, including influencing public policy to effect social change (PLO 2, 3, 6)
  • Develop recommendations for promoting wellness and engagement in older adults based on the theory of gerotranscendence (PLO 2, 3)