ADC285 Practicum in Substance Abuse

Lead Faculty: Dr. Donald R. Posson

Course Description

A two-part field practicum in which students work in an approved practicum site doing 255 hours of substance abuse counseling. They also participate in an academic seminar where they discuss their field work. This course is a minimum of 6 months in length.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate ability to formulate a diagnostic impression based on assessment information.
  • Demonstrate ability to develop a treatment plan for clients based on assessment, diagnosis, and clinical judgment.
  • Demonstrate the ability to establish a therapeutic relationship with clients to facilitate treatment.
  • Identify legal and ethical standards involved in specific cases.
  • Demonstrate the ability to recognize countertransference issues and make adjustments to counseling techniques.
  • Demonstrate competency in case presentation, report writing, and progress notes.
  • Accept and integrate feedback from supervisor, practicum instructor, and peers as demonstrated by improved competency in area of feedback