ADC235 Case Management

Lead Faculty: Dr. Donald R. Posson

Course Description

The 12 Core Functions related to the assessment and management of client progress while in chemical dependency treatment are covered. Skills related to intake assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning and developing effective referrals will be taught and practiced. Concepts related to psychoeducation, special populations, prevention, and community outreach will be discussed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and discuss the 12 core functions of chemical dependency case management and counseling.
  • Demonstrate intake assessment skills.
  • Discuss the diagnostic criteria for all Substance Related Disorders in the DSM-IV-TR.
  • Develop treatment plans based on intake assessment and diagnosis.
  • Discuss methods of finding appropriate referral sources for clients.
  • Discuss methods of psychoeducation, prevention, and community outreach as they apply to chemical dependency.