Dr. Pavel V. Glukhovskiy

College of Letters and Sciences
Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Dr. Glukhovskiy earned a PhD in Analytical Chemistry at Texas A&M University. His postdoctoral research was conducted at the same University and was funded by Australian biotech company - Gradipore Ltd (Frenchs Forest, Australia). Before joining National University as full-time faculty, he was working for biotech companies: Amgen, Baxter and taught Analytical Chemistry courses at California State University in Los Angeles.

At National University, Dr. Glukhovskiy teaches General Biology (BIO 100 and 100A), Chemistry (CHE101) courses. He has also taught courses such as Physics (PHS104), Ecology (BIO 330) and Mathematics (MTH301 and MTH311).

As an analytical chemist Dr. Glukhovskiy collaborates with international scientists and conducts research in different areas of biochemistry, food chemistry and chemistry of polymers. His previous research projects were focused on analytical and preparative aspects of separation and purification of pharmaceutical and biological materials (enantiomers, polypeptides, proteins, and antibodies) by electrophoresis, isoelectric focusing, and isotachophoresis.

Recent publications

  1. Ecological management methods of waterworks operation on the Dniester river, Shevtsova, L.V., Glukhovskiy, P.V., Hydroecology, 3-4 (64), p. 733-735, 2015.
  2. Ways of solving environmental problems in the construction of high voltage power lines (PTL) in the delta of the Dniester River. Shevtsova, L.V., Glukhovskiy, P.V., Ecological Sciences, 8(1) p. 192-200, 2015.
  3. 3.Aged Mice Repeatedly Injected with Plasma from Young Mice: A Survival Study. Shytikov, D., Balva, O., Debonneuil, E., Glukhovskiy, P., Pishel, I., BioResearch, 3 (5), p.226-232, 2014.
  4. 4.Prolonged inflammatory cytokine expression during the late phase of wound healing in the diabetic K14/mIGF1 transgenic mice. Shkumat, M.S., Klymenko, P.P., Leonov, Yu. I., Pishel, I. N., Glukhovskiy, P., Journal of Medical and Biological Sciences, 2013, 6(1), 1-12.

Recent presentation

  1. Evaluation of immune potential of the helophyte based on the level of parasitic invasion, Shevtsova, L.V., Glukhovskiy, P.V., The 5th Conference on “Physical methods in ecology, biology and medicine”, Lviv-Vorokhta, Ukraine, September 18-21, p.228-230, 2014

Contact Details

College of Letters and Sciences
(310) 662-2157