Dr. Nina Stankous

College of Letters and Sciences
Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Teaching philosophy: Teaching is not how much I know but how much my students gain from my class.

Taught over 100 Math and Science classes at National University for the last fourteen years. The list includes, but not limited:

- MTH 410 Computer Technology in the Mathematical Classroom
- MTH 411 Number Theory
- MTH 432 Advanced Calculus
- MTH 438 Mathematical Modeling
- MTH 435 Linear Algebra
- MTH 412 History of Math
- MTH 416 Algebraic Structures
- MTH 417 Foundations of Geometry
- MTH 418 Statistical Analysis
- MTH 433 Differential Equations
- MTH 438 Mathematical Modeling
- MTH 440 Numerical Analysis
- MTH 460 Problem Solving Strategy
- MTH 311 Topics of Geometry
- MTH 210 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
- MTH 215 Algebra and Trigonometry
- MTH 12(a,b) Beginning Algebra
- SCI 301 Earth and Planetary Sciences
- SCI 102 Survey of Physical Sciences
- SCI 400 History of Sciences
- SCI 322 Oceanography

Prior to coming to the US, Dr. Stankous had 20 years' experience of applied and theoretical research for the National Space Program at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

She is continuously involved in scholarship and research. Her scholarship at National University is focused on two directions: math education and mathematical modeling of "Hi-Tech" problems (thin film and its application for Nanotechnology).


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